Making Mobile

Most of this week I’ll be participating in Teacher Research Week as a Teaching Consultant in the UNCC Writing Project. I attended last year with some very specific projects I wanted to work on. I actually thought I had two major projects to work on this week, but I’ve decided that I want to leave myself more open this year to new ideas and possible projects.

This morning we had some great presentations and conversations about the idea of college readiness. What do our students need to become successful college students? I also expand this to career readiness. What do you want your future employees to have or to be able to do?

20130617_134606We spent a lot of time writing, and right now I am finishing this from a new location in the library. I am in love with this space! The picture I have doesn’t really do it justice, but there are areas to spread out for reading, studying, charging your various devices. LOL.

Much of my day has been spent trying to find a way to make something for an open enrollment (free!) online class. I tried a variety of apps on my phone in my endeavor, but so many of them fell short.

  • Tumblr – I’ve had the app on my phone, and I know a lot of people love it for microblogging, but you can’t create a new page/blog without going to the website so I wasn’t impressed with its functionality.
  • Google Drive – I love my Google Drive, but you an’t make a file public to share on the go (or at least not on the app, and going out to the desktop version of the website is clunky) so that wasn’t working for me.
  • WordPress – I couldn’t create a new blog without going to the website. The app has a lot of functionality, but not being able to create a new actual website was a major issue that kept me from completely the project with WordPress.
  • Google + – I was really excited about trying to use one of the new Google + communities because the look of the app is so nice, but gain, you can’t actually make a community via the app you have to go out to the website.

I finally had a lightbulb moment and reinstalled Evernote. I’m having a few sync issues with it, but it allowed me to create, completely on my phone, a notebook that I can share with anyone who has the link. You can see it here.

Ultimately do I HAVE to have the ability to do everything I want on my phone? Maybe not, but it definitely makes my life a lot easier when I want to do a lot on the go. It has me looking at my lesson plans, and thinking about what technology I want to use to provide links etc to my students. It will also factor in as I have to seriously consider what will replace my netbook. It can’t run for more than 2 hours without being plugged in. Oh netbook, you served me well.

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